Monument to Exaptation, 2015
Monument to Exaptation, 2015
Jun 2015—November 2015, group exhibition, Image Objects, City Hall Park, New York City, United States

The title of the work, Monument to Exaptation, refers to an evolutionary shift, one Timur Si Qin likens to changes in our behavior toward image culture and branding in the digital era. These three sculptures appropriate the form of an archetypal advertising space – one that might be placed at the entrance to a strip mall or car dealership – and their concave shapes intentionally allows the eye to linger few seconds longer on the surface of the image. These contemporary totems are displayed in City Hall Park in an almost ceremonial fashion, depicting several iterations of Si-Qin’s signature logo for peace. Rather than serving as a platform for advertising, the objects function like a future monument to the visual landscape of today.

curated by Andria Hickey