Take Me, I Love You, 2020
Take Me, I Love You, 2020
October—November 2020, solo exhibition, von ammon co, Washington DC, United States

I pray for strength like a tree.

I pray for time like a mountain.

I pray for forgiveness like a river.

I pray for wisdom like the mother.

I am already yours.

- NP Open prayer

Washington DC: von ammon co is pleased to announce its next solo show, Take Me, I Love You by New York based German artist Timur Si-Qin. This full-scale show will be the first of its kind in the United States, and will feature eleven new works by the artist, a combination of 3d printed sculptures, computer-generated landscapes and branded graphics from the artist’s meta project: New Peace. New Peace is a proposal for a new form of spirituality in the face of global pandemics, climate change, and biodiversity collapse. The legacy of agricultural religions of the West have led the world to an ecological precipice. The farming eschatology, particularly, of Christianity have promoted an extractive attitude towards nature. Westerners are raised to regard Nature as a soul-less and limitless resource for humans, to use and to hold in dominion—as given by God. On the other hand the global Indigenous worldview has always recognized Nature as inherently alive, intelligent, symbiotic, and sacred. As the ecological consequences of climate change intensify, it is the global Indigenous worldview, rather than the Western one, that is being revealed to have been the more rational one all along. Spirituality and religion are some of the most powerful forces shaping human culture and behavior. New Peace is an artwork in the form of a campaign to to articulate a spirituality of symbiosis for the 21st century. New Peace comprises four modules or ideas. These concepts are possible sources for basing a contemporary spirituality today. The iconography of each source is represented in acrylic and 3d printed sculptures in the exhibition. The Undivided Ground is the idea that all are one, also known as the concept of immanence. Faith in Pattern is the idea that faith can be derived from the patterning of matter and reality itself. Pray to Scale is the idea that the scale and age of the universe itself is the higher power that we can connect with. Purpose from Difference is the idea that matter exists to experience every version of itself. The meaning of the universe is diversity itself. Take Me, I Love You is both the attitude of causal, material, nature herself as well as a prayer to her. While nature has been a selfless mother to humanity and will continue to give of herself, this declaration must be reciprocated by humankind.